3 Options for Concrete Pool Deck Repair

Pool decks can endure a lot of wear and tear overtime. Learn how you can restore your pool deck back to its original glory.

Concrete Pool Deck Contractors 317-537-1099

Concrete Pool Deck Contractors 317-537-1099

Decorative concrete pool decks are a wonderful option because they provide both beauty and function. Choosing a cooler, lighter colored pool deck is a wise choice for sensitive feet in the hot sun, while opting for a textured stamped pool deck can provide added traction and reduce slipping accidents. Not only do decorative concrete pool decks offer safety and performance, they also deliver an unparalleled level of beauty that no other property can match in appeal. And best of all, they are long-lasting and low maintenance! But overtime, pool decks will begin to show signs of wear and tear, and will require a certain degree of maintenance or minor repair. Continue reading to learn the top three options for concrete pool deck repair.

Concrete Resurfacing

Damages like cracking, spalling, and scaling can be remedied with professional concrete resurfacing. This type of concrete resurfacing project can be accomplished with a concrete overlay or micro-topping, depending on the size and existing condition. This is a lucrative option since it effectively covers blemishes and provides a fresh surface to paint, color, or texturize.

Concrete Etching

Concrete etching is a custom service that can both restore and enhance the look of a concrete pool deck. It is a suitable option for pool decks showing signs of discoloration, fading, and minor cracking. By engraving a pattern into the concrete pool deck, cracks and blemishes can be intentionally disguised. The process starts with concrete coloring, and then finishes using a special routing machine that cuts faux grout lines.

Concrete Recoloring

To cover ghastly blemishes, like stains, fading, and discoloration, concrete recoloring is the perfect method. Simply applying fresh color to a concrete pool deck will enhance the appearance and cover unsightly imperfections. This service can be achieved using concrete stains, color hardeners, integral pigments, and other coloring methods.

Indianapolis Pool Deck Contractors

Indianapolis Decorative Concrete 317-537-1099

Indianapolis Decorative Concrete 317-537-1099

Call Creative Concrete Coatings at 317-537-1099 for decorative concrete pool deck repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are licensed decorative concrete contractors who offer a wide variety of residential and commercial decorative concrete solutions at competitive prices. Call 317-537-1099 to request an estimate, today.

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