Should I Reseal My Stamped Concrete Patio Myself?

Stamped Concrete Patios 317-537-1099

Stamped Concrete Patios 317-537-1099

After a few years, your stamped concrete patio can begin to show signs of sealant deterioration. As concrete sealer wears off, it can cause stamped concrete to appear faded, blemished, or discolored. Since your decorative concrete patio is a valuable investment, it is important to reseal it every few years to ensure long-lasting appeal and protection. New sealant will instantly restore the look and luster of your concrete patio, delivering immediate results and satisfaction.

But should you reseal your patio on your own? When you imagine the process, it seems like an easy task; but the truth is, if resealing is not implemented properly, it can actually make your worn concrete patio look worse. Continue reading to learn about some common sealant mistakes, and why you should reconsider taking on the job by yourself.

Improper Sealant Mistakes

When a resealing job is not done properly, it can make a stamped concrete patio look worse than it was before. Sealers for concrete are specially manufactured to be applied in thin layers. Although the amounts vary depending on the type of sealer, all concrete sealers come with manufacturer specification labels that tells you how many square feet per gallon of coverage to use.

For example, if the manufacturer label says 400 square feet per gallon, then that is exactly the amount that should be used. Do not use 300 square feet per gallon to achieve a thicker layer. Many people make the mistake of thinking that a thicker layer is better than the manufacturer’s suggestion. But this is wrong. Thicker is not better when it comes to sealer; it just doesn’t work that way.

Solvent or Water-Based Acrylic Sealers

Exterior decorative concrete should be sealed with solvent or water-based acrylic products. These sealers are specially designed for outdoor concrete protection because they allow moisture vapor to penetrate through them. Too much sealer would restrict this ability, thus causing too much moisture to get trapped in the surface. This scenario is a common cause for concrete discoloration like blushing, blurring, or whiting.

What You Should Do

If your stamped concrete patio has had too much sealer applied to it, applying more on top will not make it better. Whether you have already made a sealer mistake or you still need to reseal your patio, using a professional decorative concrete contractor is your best option for success. They have the proper knowledge, skills, tools, and equipment to properly reseal your stamped concrete patio in no time at all.

Indianapolis Stamped Concrete Resealing

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