The Advantages of Scored Concrete

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Whether new pours or existing ones, scoring is a terrific technique that will instantly update the look of concrete surfaces. Basically, scoring concrete is the process of making permanent shallow etches or ridges in a concrete foundation. These markings can be custom and artistic, or standard and geometric, and they give concrete surfaces the look of tile or pavers. This is a cost-effective alternative to these higher end materials. Not only are higher end materials more expensive, they are more of a challenge to clean and maintain, and they take much longer to install. Scored concrete is a fantastic solution to enhancing the look of concrete on a budget.

Scored Concrete Staining

To further enhance the look of scored concrete, many property owners choose to also stain or color the surface. This quick and easy enhancement drastically changes the look of concrete, and can be customized into various colors, styles, and faux textures.

Tools Used for Scoring Concrete

Although numerous tools and equipment can be used to score concrete, the most common include power saws, grinders, diamond plated blades, and chisels. Chiseling is primarily used to achieve a more rustic and weathered look, whereas diamond cutting will render smooth, precise lines.

Its Benefits

One of the most revered benefits of scored concrete is the lack of invasive construction. There is no need to tear out the slab of concrete, mix together a solution, re-pour, and cure. Instead, the surface of the existing concrete is altered to give it a brand new appearance without all the demolition. This is also very environmentally-friendly! And as for maintenance, occasional sweeping and sealing is all it needs.

Indianapolis Decorative Concrete Services

Indianapolis Decorative Concrete 317-537-1099

Indianapolis Decorative Concrete 317-537-1099

Call Creative Concrete Coatings at 317-537-1099 for professional decorative concrete scoring in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer residential and commercial decorative concrete solutions for all property types, and at the most competitive prices around. Contact Us today for a free estimate or information about our Indianapolis concrete scoring services and prices.

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