Indianapolis Decorative Concrete Contractors
Indianapolis Decorative Concrete Contractors
Indianapolis Decorative Concrete Contractors
Indianapolis Decorative Concrete Contractors
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Concrete FAQS
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Concrete a Good Choice?
Concrete comes with several incentives, including a high resistance to abrasion, discoloration, and general wear and tear. It also allows an opportunity to create individual custom styles to match your unique vision. Concrete can be customized in a variety of colors, patterns, designs, textures, stains, and finishes. It is the perfect flooring, wall, and countertop solution for kitchens, bathrooms, garages, patios, porches, pool decks, and much more. Concrete’s versatility, longevity, and availability make it a cost-effective, visually-appealing addition to any property. And not only is it cheaper than high-end flooring materials, it is easier to maintain! Talk to your local concrete contractor for help determining your concrete and hardscaping needs.
Is Decorative Concrete Expensive?
The answer to this common question depends on your personal perception of value, and how you feel about making investments. The initial costs to install decorative concrete is higher than that of low-to-mid class materials, so it can be viewed as expensive. However, it is still cheaper than the alternative high-end materials (marble, granite, hardwood, etc.), and it pays for itself in the long run by providing low-maintenance, long-lasting quality concrete. This return on investment is incentive enough, but decorative concrete also pays you back by adding more value to your home or property in the case you wish to sell.
What Surfaces Can Be Resurfaced With Concrete?
A surface must be in good condition, and free of heaving and excessive cracking. If a surface has a few small cracks, they can be filled and treated before a concrete resurfacing job. But underlying surfaces that are badly damaged with large cracks, crumbled pavement, holes, and heaves, should not be resurfaced.
How Do I Take Care of My Decorative Concrete?
For areas that experience low-traffic, an occasionally dry sweeping and damp mopping will do the trick. This is generally recommended for residential settings. For commercial properties, the frequency of maintenance is increased since the traffic is generally much higher. Commercial decorative concrete will require routine sweeping and mopping, occasional buffing or polishing, and a re-application of sealcoat every few years.
Will My Decorative Concrete Fade or Discolor?
It depends on where it is located, what it is, and the level of care it receives. Properly-maintained concrete will last a long time, and should not experience any fading, staining, or discoloration so long as it is re-sealed every few years or as-needed. A quality sealcoat protects decorative concrete from wear and tear, as well as, fading and discoloration. And with adequate sealant, decorative concrete will not stain either.
Will My Concrete Crack?
It is inevitable for concrete to crack at some point in time, but after installation, concrete should remain crack-free for years to come so long as it’s prepared and mixed properly. In-experienced pavers will sometimes use too much water, causing concrete to crack as it cures. A professional concrete contractor knows the exact formula to render stable, flawless concrete surfaces, as well as, provide proper concrete repair when needed.
Can I Cut Food and Place Hot Pans on My Decorative Concrete Countertops?
Although concrete countertops can withstand extreme heat, it is best to use dish towels and pot holders for hot plates and pans. This will support countertop longevity. As for food preparation, you should not cut food on your bare concrete countertops. This will damage the sealant and lead to future structural problems. Best rule of thumb for food prep: Always use a cutting board.
Can I Install Decorative Concrete Myself?
No. There are several complex factors involved in the planning, preparation, execution, and finishing process of decorative concrete, whether for floors, countertops, fireplaces, hardscapes, or walkways. And the most important factor to concrete resurfacing or installation is a properly-executed subgrade. This requires the specialized training, experience, knowledge, and resources of a licensed concrete contractor. Do not take the risk of DIY concrete work. Not only is this dangerous, if done incorrectly it can jeopardize the structural integrity of your property and lose you a lot of money. Call 317-537-1099 to speak with a licensed decorative concrete contractor, today.
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